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The Cassowary Coast is a destination worth adding to your bucket list. Those ‘tropical vibes’ and your eagerness to explore will propel you to the most beautiful and mesmerising places you have ever seen. The Great Barrier Reef, iconic beaches, the Cassowary Coast wildlife and other amazing landmarks are all on offer during your stay. We can guarantee that you will have the most spectacular time!

Our service offers the choice of many tour, charter and accommodation places from Cairns to Cardwell. Check them all out on this website and get ready to be amazed with the Cassowary Coast!

Johnstone River Croc & Wildlife Tour

Snapping Tours Wildlife Tour

$40 $20

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Cassowary Coast Accommodation

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Cassowary Coast HIRE

There are hire options available for your convenience. You can hire a car at a car rental place and since we have the beautiful Great Barrier Reef on our doorstep, of course you can hire a boat. You can visit secluded tropical islands, sandy coral cays and breathtaking waterfalls.

Boab Boat Centre Cab

Centre Cab


Boab Boat Kakadu Tinny

Kakadu Tinny


Boab Boat Runabout



Cassowary Coast Tours

Experience a place like no other. The Cassowary Coast welcomes you!

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